XLUNA is the first decentralized leverage casino betting platform in the world. We use decentralized technology, community governance, and smart contracts to allow our user's unparalleled wagering to be securely placed on a trustless, non-custodial wagering platform that will revolutionize the global casino industry by allowing players to invest.

To facilitate this project, we provide a complete DeFi platform designed to enable the integration of casino gaming and prediction markets, powered by protocol and community-owned liquidity pools. Developers can integrate the suite to add unparalleled betting capabilities to their dApps — the first will be XLUNA's dApp, a decentralized casino gaming app.

These dApps empower individuals and communities to be safe and fair. Operating on a transparent and secure infrastructure layer, unaffected by centralized entities, the odds are automatically optimized and implemented to users based on the market.

Based on this project, our team's idea is that the global gambling industry is affected by the economy and the epidemic. We want to bring users a more convenient casino experience. We developed XLUNA to allow players to pick up their mobile phones and enjoy the casino experience no matter where they are. At the beginning of XLUNA, it hoped to bring the traditional casino industry to the decentralized field and break the long-standing technological innovation at the level.

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