Borrowing Assets

The treasury fund (liquidity pool) allows users to borrow tokens from the protocol as collateral for use in the ecosystem’s gambling games. Unlike peer-to-peer agreements, borrowing funds from the treasury only requires the user to specify the desired assets; there are negotiated terms, maturity dates, or financing terms; borrowing is instant and predictable. Like offering assets, each money market has a floating interest rate set by market forces that determine the cost of borrowing for each asset.

Once players start borrowing treasury funds, they need to play at least ten games at the casino before they can afford repayment. If the sum of the borrowed funds and the funds earned after playing is double the amount borrowed, we will charge the applicable fee rate, and the fee details will be listed carefully in the governance list.

The market’s total borrowing outstanding is updated to include interest accrued since the last index:


And a portion of the accrued interest is retained (set aside) as reserves, determined by a reserveFactor;


Interest is accrued by borrowers of the asset, and is equal to;


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