Caribbean Stud Poker

The dealer uses a standard 52 card deck. Each player places an ante bet into the pot. A five-card hand is dealt with by both the player and the dealer, with one card face up and four cards face down. The game has three rounds of betting: ante, bet, and raise—starting from left to right with each turn.

There are nine bets in a Caribbean Stud Poker game: three bets per round times three rounds for nine chances on your part.

The initial deal begins with a two-coin wager from each player, called the ante bet. Once the dealer flips over his hole card, another bet will be called the come bet. Once the come bet is resolved, another round of betting is called the play bet.

Types of Caribbean Stud Poker Bets;



Ante Bet

This is the first bet that occurs during a hand, and you’re required to make this bet to play the hand. The ante is often a fraction of the minimum bet and is meant as an incentive to play the game instead of folding every time. If you fold, the hand ends, and you lose your ante bet.

Come Bet

This bet is exactly what it sounds like: a bet on whatever cards remains after drawing another card or cards (depending on your hand). If your chances are higher than those of all other players, that’s considered a win for both needles. The come bet is often referred to as upping the ante or doubling the ante.

Bonus Bet

This bet for Caribbean Stud Poker is meant for those trying to win the progressive jackpot. This bonus bet, called a side bet, is a wager on the poker hand that is dealt during each round of play. If you don’t have a bonus bet placed, you cannot win the progressive jackpot.

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