Mission Statement

In a world where distrust of centralized institutions is rising, and users are more inclined to the decentralized world realm, XLuna's mission is to provide liquidity, community-owned, and A DeFi-powered gambling hybrid protocol that puts ownership and power in the hands of the people.

XLUNA is a trustless, borderless, DeFi protocol for casinos with real utility, targeting mass adoption with guaranteed liquidity. XLUNA innovates beyond traditional gambling models and current blockchain-enabled betting protocols by operating decentralized and peerless. Global community-owned liquidity pools act as casino treasury houses and fuel betting payouts, with a portion of casino treasury houses' profits paid out to liquidity providers on an ongoing basis.

This unlocks a world of potential DeFi integrations and new products or services that allow investors to deposit and earn a share of profit gathered from betting activities on the platform and to receive additional rewards in $XLUNA— the native token of the XLUNA Protocol.

In the XLUNA ecosystem, players, developers, liquidity providers, and users can interact with gambling products somewhat and be trustless. Businesses and developers can integrate the XLUNA DeFi technology stack to add transparent and peerless betting functionality to their Web 3.0 dApps and traditional betting products and services via the XLUNA API.

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