Protocol & Ecosystem


XLUNA is a decentralized betting protocol powered by the native XLUNA token. Players can earn $USX rewards for betting on the dApps platform. Community members earn $USX by providing liquidity, while people earn $XLUNA by participating in the governance/security of the forum. All revenue from the ecosystem is shared with all $XLUNA token holders.

Our goal with the XLUNA protocol is to design an interoperable DeFi architecture that can revolutionize the way gambling is done, using decentralization to optimize and popularize the ancient human pastime of gambling. The team will add leveraged staking methods to enhance new gameplay and experience for users to achieve this result.

Why do this? Our founders and creators are gamblers. We have experienced a culture that challenges trust in traditional wagering systems. Blockchain solves this problem by giving investors an unprecedented share of internal profits.

Treasury funds - A treasury funds contract allows liquidity provider deposits to bankroll casinos and third-party dApps integrating XLUNA.

They were staking Pool - A contract that requires $XLUNA to be staked to vote on proposals for ecosystem improvements to receive further $USX token incentives. Users also receive revenues from $USX bets + $XLUNA tokens from the treasury contract in return for securing the protocol.

The ecosystem incorporates a Treasury, House Pools, and community DAO. To align ecosystem development with community interests, a $USX supply will be distributed to the community primarily to incentivize participation in betting, provision of liquidity, and governance rewards.

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