Security & Sustainability

Risk & Liquidation

With millions of betting and staking assets in XLUNA casino, the standards to manage the risks emerging from the hyper-connected ecosystem have been formed. Contract Wolf is auditing the core contract. XLUNA risk management team has stress-tested the safety module base on the last ten years worth of simulation data, indicating that the model can remain solvent under extreme market conditions.

XLUNA is a liquidity betting protocol that enables borrowing and leverage betting from the treasury funds. Depositors receive USXs in exchange for cryptocurrency deposits. The level of liquidity risk evaluated through the dimension of USX valuation, borrow interest rate model, and alternative sources of USX liquidity would be set up accordingly.


XLUNA casino is built in web3. Unlike in Las Vegas, the city was so lit up and reported as the brightest spot on earth by astronauts. XLUNA casino will never need neon lights, LED screens, water fountain in real life. We can build a much more fantasy gambling environment without energy and water wastage.

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