Where do staking rewards come from?

XLUNA Casino has a robust Casino operations, earnings, and treasury funds system. XLUNA charges gambling fee per bet depends on different games. 6% borrow interest rate will be added for each lending. Members will enjoy a lower rate according to their staking level, referred to in the membership part.

30% of earnings will be sent to the XLUNA treasury funds as the rewards for staking pools. 50% of revenues will be used to buy back and burn XLUNA tokens for the sustainability of the XLUNA ecosystem. And the rest 20% will be reserved for the team development and marketing.

APY is based on the algorithm model behind the XLUNA ecosystem. USX LP staking pools such as USX-BUSD, USX-USDT, and USX-USDC are recommended with high APYs to maintain the low volatility.

Buy back and burn value per day = 50% borrow interest rate/365 total borrow amount + 50%*gambling fee

Treasury funds inflow = 30% borrow interest rate/365 total borrow amount + 30%*gambling fee

Treasury funds outflow = daily output of USX * users staking value/total locked staking value

Team salary and marketing = 20% borrow interest rate/365 total borrow amount + 20%*gambling fee

Notice: The minimum interest period is 24 hours.

Where and how can I stake for USX?(Coming Soon!)

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